DEAR FRIENDS, June 11, 2012

I haven’t looked at SAMOVAR AND ZEEMAHOOLAH in weeks. I’m beginning to wonder if that is going to be my wintertime project. That’d be fine.

I did a major hustle for A SONG FOR MY FATHER this week. I contacted 30 theatres, all places where they’ve done JUDEVINE. So far I’ve got 6 requests for scripts. Not too bad, but I hate doing this kind of thing.

I’ve written a few poems this week. That always makes me feel good, great, as a matter of fact. I feel like my week is worthwhile if I can write a poem or two during the week. I have no idea whether they’re keepers or not. That doesn’t matter. It’s the making that matters. Whether they’re keepers or not will reveal itself later.

And I actually began work on THE JUDEVINE MOUNTAIN EMAILITE #51, Part Three of the three-part Food issue. I think I’ll get it out sometime this summer.

I got back the Corrected Uncorrected Proofs for PARK SONGS this week also. They appear to be in good shape. Full speed ahead headed for a September publication date.

I’m back in the woods, now that the garden is in. I love being in the woods, running my chainsaw, splitting and stacking wood. I love those things, and the woods themselves, as much as anything.

And we went to Montreal this weekend to hear two of William Parker’s bands. Montreal is only three hours from here. One of the bands we heard was ESSENCE OF ELLINGTON. I wrote the liner notes for the CD of the big band’s concert this past January in Milan, Italy.  Both concerts were great: to hear ESSENCE OF ELLINGTON,  and also RAINING ON THE MOON and the William Parker Quartet is a rare and special treat for this gardening, woodcutting recluse.

In spite of the tarsal tunnel syndrome that makes the bottoms of my feet incredibly sore and in spite of the arthritis in my hands and right arm, it’s a good life and I’m glad and grateful to be alive.

More next week.

Sincerely, David Budbill

11 June 2012