Dear Friends,

This week was almost entirely devoted to finishing my new website. These things take an incredible amount of time, even with a webmaster. I’m tickled, pleased, with the results. My new, redesigned and reorganized website is up now. You can visit it at:

I began the week by giving a reading to a group of senior citizens–not that I’m not! It was the first time I’d ever read in public from my new book PARK SONGS: A POEM/PLAY. It all went over very well, but that’s not all that surprising since all the pieces in the book are monologues or dialogues spoken by the people in the park, and thus they all have a dramatic flair which makes them easy to present.

And, since spring is here, I’m spending at least two hours a day, sometimes a lot more, out in the woods or in the garden working.

It’s about now that I begin to wonder if I’ll ever get back to work on whatever it is I’m writing; right now it is, or was, SAMOVAR AND ZEEMAHOOLAH. But this happens every spring during that transition from only writing and thinking about writing to doing that and working outdoors. The advantage to being as old as I am is that my work patterns are well set so I know that once this transition period is over, I’ll fall into a groove of working both at my desk and outdoors. Relax, Brother, it’ll all even out pretty soon.

I’m also wondering how much longer I want to go on with this weekly blog.

Sincerely, David Budbill
14 May 2012