This page contains links to sound files of David Budbill archived on National Public Radio’s website.


  • WEEKEND ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: June 23, 2001–“Tribute to Paul Laurence Dunbar”– Budbill has this appreciation of the poet Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). Budbill talks about Dunbar’s life and reads his poem, “Sympathy.” (3:45)
  • ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, August 24, 2000–“Ten Days in Paradise”–A woodchuck spent ten ecstatic days in Commentator David Budbill’s garden before Budbill shot it, to preserve his vegetables. Budbill grieves for the woodchuck and for himself. (3:00)
  • ALL THINGS CONSIDERED–February 26, 1998–“Incident in Boston”– Budbill talks about an incident he witnessed, when motorists ignored a feeble, wheelchair-bound old man who’d been stranded in the midst of traffic. Then, a young man dressed in hip-hop style jumped out of a car and risked his life to get the old man out of harm’s way. (3:15)
  • ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, July 8, 1997–“Sticking up for Larry Doby–Commentator David Budbill recalls the summer of ’48… when Larry Doby was on what would turn out the be the World Series-winning Cleveland Indians. Doby was the first African-American player in the American League… joining the Major Leagues in July of ’47 just eleven weeks after Jackie Robinson entered the National League. Budbill–who is white–describes how Doby’s courage inspired him when he was a boy and helped give him a lifelong empathy for the underdog. (4:00) This commentary is unavailable as an audio file. The text for “Sticking Up for Larry Doby” is available from the author by emailing him at:┬ádavid@davidbudbill.com