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David Budbill, William Parker and Hamid Drake

Incantation and Improvisation,
A Prayer for Peace,
A Protest Against War

Poet David Budbill, world renown bassist, multi-instrumentalist and composer William Parker and international drumming sensation Hamid Drake announce their latest CD:



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Excerpts from:

1. I Believe (1.7 MB)

2. Life(1.4 MB)



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Budbill and Parker, well known for their previous CD, ZEN MOUNTAINS-ZEN STREETS, also on the Boxholder label, unite for this recording with the extraordinary drummer, Hamid Drake.

SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD is both a musical outcry for peace and an emotional outburst, a protest, against war.

Part poetry reading, part jazz concert, and part Buddhist/Taoist/Christian/Hindu meditation, SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD is improvisatory, incantatory, soul searching and passionate.

This is a performance piece for the spoken word, upright, acoustic bass, pocket trumpet, pocket coronet, ringing bowls, Shakuhachi, Glockenspiel, Balophone, Dilruba, trap set and frame drum.

For more information contact David Budbill at or Lou Kannenstine, representing Boxholder Records at:


With the current world situation as screwed as it ever was, once again it’s down to radical free jazz musicians to provide a voice of sanity and revolt.

David Budbill is a poet and writer in the tradition of ‘holy fools’ like Han Shan and Gary Snyder. On SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD, he reads a series of tender, passionate, clear-headed prose poems that conflate secular and sacred imagery as they lampoon the fascistic new world order. He’s supported by bassist William Parker, who also plays shakuhachi flute, pocket trumpet, pocket cornet and percussion, and drummer Hamid Drake, whose emancipated, global conceptions are the perfect realisation of Budbill’s benign world view.

David Keenan

THE SUNDAY HERALD, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 22 June 2003

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David Budbill’s CD combines a Buddhist world view with a common-sense call for a peaceful world, set to music. Budbill reads, with passion and simplicity, to appropriate and well thought-out avant accompaniment that is sensitive to the message. …This is accessible and artful music inviting the listener to look at our values and the shape of thing to come.

Irwin Block

THE GAZETTE, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 17 July 2003


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Budbill draws on Buddhist sensibilities and clarity to eloquently comment on our current politically deranged predicament. He takes on war for empire and imperial presidency with an objectivity that cuts to the heart like Manjushri’s wisdom sword, without becoming a wild-eyed radical. On the other hand, this isn’t the claustrophobic dead zone that characterizes so much poetry, especially when read aloud. Rather than making you feel that you’ve lost a quart of plasma, Budbill’s direct, insightful, and witty style creates amusing and inspirational images. Compassionate humanity guides his hand at every stroke of the pen.

The Buddhist focus on relentless human suffering and the gentle compassion that rises as a consequence provides the engine for this extraordinary document. Despite the seemingly exotic references, this is plain-speaking rural America talking. Hopefully many will listen.

Rex Butters

ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Los Angeles, 14 August 2003

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As poets, [Gary] Snyder and [David] Budbill have much in common, and often draw from the same well of inspiration…, but Budbill is less text-oriented, more transparent, and much more the performance artist, and in this respect is closer to another celebrated Beat poet, Allen Ginsberg…. Budbill’s message throughout the SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD is exemplary: an emphasis on simple pleasures and living in the moment, and an antiwar stance that is not merely fashionable but rooted in Buddhist teaching and common sense…. The message itself is worthy, but Budbill’s conversational delivery and his easy rapport with Parker and Hamid Drake make this a special package. … Instrumental interludes, with Budbill and Parker dueting on shakuhachis, are not just filler, but artistically satisfying on their own terms. …Rock bottom, a common purpose and aesthetic sensibility brings the three participants together and results in this satisfying and wise recording.

Bill Tilland

ALL MUSIC GUIDE, 14 August 2003

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SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD is an album for people who believe that art and politics mix. Poet David Budbill . . . has composed seventeen poems, songs, and fables out of a sense of urgency at the state of the world . . . . The musical accompaniment by William Parker and Hamid Drake employs a variety of instruments-drums and bass, shakuhachi, pocket trumpet, balaphone, frame drum, etc.-that is insistent but never intrusive.

Mike Chamberlain

THE SQUID’S EAR, October 2003

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SONGS FOR A SUFFERING WORLD, an old-fashioned protest record just released on Boxholder, featuring David Budbill’s Beat-like poetry … wins this week’s All Ears Tweak Dubya Award.

John DeFore


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April 24, 2003: The Hardwick Townhouse, Hardwick, Vermont, 7:00 p.m. $10.00 and $7.00. For more information call: Addy Smith at (802) 533-7422 or email:

April 23, 2003: The University of Vermont, Music Recital Hall, Redstone Campus, curtain time: 7:00 p.m., admission is free, for more information contact: John Gennari at:


June 9: The Hardwick Townhouse, Hardwick, Vermont, at 7:00 p.m.

June 8: Montreal’s renown New Music venue, Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, at 12:00 a.m.

May 30: at the Seventh Annual Vision Festival at The Center, 268 Mulberry Street, between Prince and Houston Streets, New York, New York, at 8:PM.




[under the title: PHOENIX RISING]

November 18: at The Unitarian Church, Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont. at 7:00 p.m.

November 17: at The Full Moon Cafe, South Strafford. at 6:30 p.m.

November 16: at Studio Place Arts, Main Street, Barre, Vermont, at 7:00 p.m.

* (Photo at top) L to R: David Budbill, portrait of Marsha McBroom by Andrei Strobert, William Parker, Hamid Drake.