THE JUDEVINE MOUNTAIN EMAILITE: A CyberZine #8, 29 January 1999


>>> On Monday evening this week, a friend at National Public Radio emailed to say, “It’ll all be over by Thursday at 3:00 p.m.” Many of us in our naiveté thought that, I’d wager. Now it appears this thing will go on for at least two more weeks, maybe two more months.

The zealots can focus on something forever while the rest of us in order to keep fighting have to fight the additional battle of boredom and an odd kind of rage born of having to focus on something so stupid and partisan for so long.

The challenge for all of us now is to find the will to keep fighting. Rest assured the zealots on the Right Wing have no intention of quitting.

>>> In order to spur us on for yet another few weeks or months here’s the well known, yet worth hearing again, quote from Pastor Martin Niemoller, a Christian minister and a Nazi concentration camp survivor:

“First they came for the Communists and I did not speak out–because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

>>> As you will remember, in J.M.E. #7 Rachel Axelrod mentioned that David Duke is going to run for the seat vacated by deposed and disgraced Speaker-of-the-House-Designate Bob Livingston.

In an article by Wole Soyinka, Nigerian poet, novelist, critic and perhaps Africa’s most famous black playwright, plus the first African writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, called “The Burden of Memory, the Muse of Forgiveness” at , Soyinka talks about how David Duke has been courting Neo-Nazis in Germany and “a self-declared independent Free Boer Republic” of white racists in South Africa. Soyinka also mentions a southern woman who has given millions of dollars to white racists in South Africa to resist black majority rule.

THE JUDEVINE MOUNTAIN EMAILITE hopes to delve deeper into these connections in a future issue. In short, however, and for now, if anyone doubted that racism was at the heart of the Radical Right Wing’s agenda, the likes of Bob Barr, David Duke and their connections to these racists groups should make it clear once and for all.

>>> The issue here, to say it again, is not whether or not the President lied under oath or anywhere else, the issue is the ways in which the racist and a-number-of-other-ists Right Wing has pursued the Clintons for nearly a decade and how they have taken over the Republican Party and now control the Democratic agenda as well as the Republican agenda. To this end here are some comments by Lois Eby.



by Lois Eby (

From the beginning, I have been most concerned about the role of the right wing in the effort to “get” President Clinton. I do not see President Clinton as a great man, though I think he is a fascinating politician. In other words, he is not Dr. Martin Luther King (who also had affairs, as we know). Like John Kennedy–another philander who makes Bill Clinton look like Mary Poppins–there is much to admire and there are significant faults, though in Clinton’s case we know about them now, not 30 years later. But unlike John Kennedy, who was president at the time of a sea change for the better–the civil rights movement, for just one example–Clinton is president at a time of the growing power of the Right Wing in our country, and while many fault him for his compromises, I wonder if he is doing all he can under the circumstances to hold the line against a move to the right that is threatening to overwhelm us.

Paula Jones’ legal team was supplied and supported by wealthy right wing individuals and The Rutherford Foundation of Charlottesville, VA, which enabled them to keep the case alive and to dig for dirt unlike any normal citizen could do.

The Right Wing takeover of the Independent Counsel’s Office has allowed Ken Starr and his police state tactics free reign in what was once a genuinely independent procedure. This no more vividly illustrated than by Sam Dash’s withdrawal and protest.


Ellen Mendel, a woman who was young during the rise of Nazi Germany was quoted in the NEW YORK TIMES ( “Fighting the Republicans on Impeachment” 25 January 1999) as saying, that “she feels the same despair that she did as a girl in Nazi Germany when the efforts of a stubborn group of leaders snowballed, crushing the will of the people.”

I have also read that one of the moderate Republicans in the House wanted to vote against Impeachment but was told that he would lose the chairmanship of a committee that he highly prized if he did. So he had to vote with The Party which meant as the Right Wing told him to vote. We have all seen how even moderate Republicans, like my own “liberal” Republican senator Jim Jeffords, have been somehow coerced into voting with the Right Wing. We all have to ask whether ANY Republican can any longer be trusted, now that we have seen the power that the right wing has over that party.


>>> A final note, and something for a future EMAILITE perhaps: In Taylor Branch’s two volume history of the Civil Rights Movement, PARTING THE WATERS and PILLAR OF FIRE, Branch states that John Kennedy secured protection of his own privacy and reputation by selling out Martin Luther King. F.B.I. Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, blackmailed Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy, into authorizing wire taps on King–in order to expose King’s sexual affairs, among other things–in exchange for Hoover keeping quiet about all Hoover knew of Jack Kennedy’s sexual dalliances with East German spies and Mafia babes.

POSTSCRIPT: During the upcoming week of depositions and recess in Washington, The Editor-in-Chief and The Entire Staff of THE JUDEVINE MOUNTAIN EMAILITE will take a little time off also. We’re going to drive a truck-load of household goods to Brooklyn. More from here after February 12th.