Well, the decorations are back in their boxes, the colored lights put away, the tree is out in a snowdrift and my annual, paralytic Ultimate Yuletide Blues are beginning to lift. Sometime during the second week in January every year six or eight imaginary people come up to me and lift the stone off my back that I’ve been carrying around since the day after Thanksgiving. I thank them. They say, “You’re welcome.” Then they disappear and I step into the new year feeling about 500 pounds lighter. So, time to get back to work.

The trial in the Senate opens today, is in progress as I write this. I’m writing today to urge you not to stop writing.

From Altoon Sultan comes some email addresses you can send to should you want to write The President. Send to: or go to the White House web site which is: and there’s a link there to send email to the President, Vice President and their wives.

Also from Altoon notice that there is an interesting site on impeachment with lots of historical and legal information set up by the American Bar Assoc. It’s

And also from Altoon notice of a very interesting article by Ronald Dworkin, constitutional scholar and lawyer in the current NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS called “A Kind of Coup.” This piece is measured and forceful and very much worth reading. Find it at:

What I still remain incredulous about is how all these people, Dworkin and all the other scholars as well, miss the basic and primary point that we have no right to know what we know, and the only reason we know it is because beginning way back with Judge Renquist and his appointment of conservative judges who then appointed Independent Councils who were right wingers like Ken Starr the whole Independent Council’s office became a tool of a right wing vendetta against the Clintons. This general atmosphere, plus an unlimited checkbook and a desire to go fishing anywhere and everywhere, plus illegally acquired audio tapes from Linda Tripp plus any umber of illegal and unethical actions on the part of Ken Starr’s office got us to where we are.

It is as if the scholars and pundits accept the notion that the ends justify the means and even though the means were illegal, unethical and immoral, now that the dirt is out, that dirt can be grounds for impeachment.

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