DEAR FRIENDS, 3/5/2012

I finally got around to SAMOVAR AND ZEEMAHOOLAH this past week. Just a beginning. I found my notes for the book, which, according to the notes, I’ve been keeping since sometime in the 1980s. Well, now that I really think about it, I’d say the story began in about 1975, on a trip we took to see friends in Poughkeepsie, New York. It was on that trip, whenever it was, that my now dead son, Gene, invented the name Zeemahoolah; I remember that clearly. I can’t be specific about anything else about when I began this project but I do remember that.

There is a moral, an admonition, in this story. Date your notes! If I had put dates on the notes I’ve taken over the more than 30 years for this story, I’d know exactly when I did what. Why is it so difficult to remember to date notes?

But I did find the file folder full of notes for SAMOVAR AND ZEEMAHOOLAH and it was full of things I had forgotten. So now it’s off to work on this story that I’ve been toying with in my imagination for apparently more than 30 years.

As I mentioned last Monday, I actually did send BROKEN WING to my agent on Monday. I expect it’ll be at least a month until I hear anything and then I think the news will not be good.

Otherwise, it was a hectic week of running to and fro, a private reading from HAPPY LIFE for a men’s reading group, and an appearance on a local radio station, WDEV, to plug HAPPY LIFE, and on Thursday, March 1st, I had a poem on The Writer’s Almanac again.

I am sincerely hoping that this week yields some real work on SAMOVAR AND ZEEMAHOOLAH.
More next week.

Sincerely, David Budbill