DEAR FRIENDS, 1/2/2012

Happy New Year, and I hope it is too. 2011 was bummer enough.

Who knows what this New Year will bring? I most earnestly hope it will not bring one of those wacko Republican candidates into the White House. I am still a staunch Obama supporter. I hope the Republicans continue to shoot each other and themselves in the feet, but what irritates me more than the Wacko Repugs are the so called left wing liberals who think Obama has betrayed them, and this includes all those black people who voted for the first time last time and who say they won’t vote again. Obama has had an extremely hard row to hoe these past three years and besides he’s his own person and nowhere near as liberal as liberals want him to be. I hope everyone who reads this will vote–hold your nose if you must, but vote.

In the meantime, I’m back to work on BROKEN WING. One of the ways I survive the holidays is by trying to do a little work every day. It helps.

I’m slogging through this very difficult rewrite, trying to change the verb tense to the present tense, where it’s appropriate, and cut back and simplify the sentence structure. I’m known as a plain and simple writer, blunt. When I first wrote BROKEN WING I was delighted that I was making extremely long and complex sentences, because it is something I never do. Now going back over BROKEN WING, I know why I never wrote long and complex sentences. I’m returning to what I do best. I’m listening to that great advice someone gave once: Simplify! Simplify!

Until next week, I remain,
Fondly, David Budbill