DEAR FRIENDS, 12/4/2011

Dear Friends,

We have moved into December and still the weather remains relatively warm, from the 20s at night to sometimes as high as the 40s during the day. And still no snow but a dusting occasionally. Climate change at work, I fear.

I’m in the process of reading over the various e-book versions of HAPPY LIFE, which Copper Canyon Press will launch soon. I mistakenly said, by the way, in ablog┬árecently that the e-book versions of HAPPY LIFE were already out; they are not, but soon will be.

At the same time that I’m doing that, I’m reading through yet again the manuscript for PARK SONGS which will be out about this time next year and which I must deliver to the publisher of Exterminating Angel Press soon. Exterminating Angel Press, by the way, is an allusion to the Luis Bunuel movie called Exterminating Angel.

My wife, Lois, and I went to Montreal Friday and yesterday in order for Lois to check in with her gallery there, to visit two young friends, hang out, eat and buy food and visit with our painter friend Susan Scott, one of Canada’s most prominent artists. Montreal is a scant two and a half-hours from here and we have taken to going up more often than we used to. It’s a great break from our work-a-day routine and Montreal is a wonderful city, like none other in North America.

Fondly, David Budbill

4 December 2011