Yesterday’s mail brought me two advanced copies of my new book of poems, HAPPY LIFE. It’s gorgeous, both inside and out. Valerie Brewster, the book designer, ought to get an award for this one.

Even though it is only mid-June, the publication date for the book, so far at least, remains September first. Once the books are packed for shipping at the printers, they have to go out to the distributor, Consortium, and then to bookstores around the country plus plenty to Copper Canyon Press to fill individual orders. All this will take at least six weeks, so the September first pub date is not that far ahead of schedule.

On the other hand, I think this may be the first time since Gutenberg invented the printing press that a book is actually off the presses early.

Now the hustle begins to sell this thing that now exists in the world.

As I said the last time, stay tuned.

David Budbill

16 June 2011