The back cover is now completed and added to the front cover and the entire book has been shipped, electronically, to the printers. Here’s the cover, front and back:

Here’s the text for the back cover:


David Budbill continues a wry, joyful examination of life on his semi-metaphorical Judevine Mountain, writing about the New England seasons, fame and fortune, self-reliance, aging, and the engaged cre- ative life. Profoundly simple and immediate, Budbill’s poems radiate a dialogue with nature through absolute clarity of expression.


                  Yet and still every day the sun rises,

                  white clouds roll across the sky,

                  vegetables get planted and grow,

                  and late in the afternoon

                  someone sits quietly with a cup of tea.


“His poetry is as accessible as a parking lot and as plain as a pair of Levi’s.”



“A recognizable immediacy and honesty, accompanied by an endearing wit… Budbill’s economical, brush-stroke approach… evinces a hard-won clarity, a pure, human tone.”

         —Library Journal


“One of the most readable American poets ever.”



At this point, the book is supposed to ship from the printer to the distributor on June 23rd, which is about a month ahead of the original schedule.


Stay tuned!


David Budbill

May 27, 2011