Here’s the text for the back cover:

David Budbill continues a wry, joyful examination of life on his semi-
metaphorical Judevine Mountain, writing about the New England
seasons, fame and fortune, self-reliance, aging, and the engaged
creative life. Profoundly simple and immediate, Budbill’s poems radiate
a dialogue with nature through absolute clarity of expression.

Yet and still every day the sun rises,

white clouds roll across the sky,

vegetables get planted and grow,

and late in the afternoon

someone sits quietly with a cup of tea.

“His poetry is as accessible as a parking lot and as plain as a pair of


“A recognizable immediacy and honesty, accompanied by an endearing
wit… Budbill’s economical, brush-stroke approach… evinces a hard-won
clarity, a pure, human tone.”

—Library Journal

“One of the most readable American poets ever.”



HAPPY LIFE spent 27 weeks on the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry.org

Best Seller List between July 2011 and January 2012



David Budbill is a no-nonsense free-range sage.

Dana Jennings
The New York Times, 20 December 2011

. . . warm and accessible poems that grow out of the poet’s experience
and his meditations on who he is and how he found himself over the
last forty years . . . clear language, his wry, self – effacing humor and
his humble recognition of all the poets to whom he owes his poetry. . .

Michael Macklin
The Cafe Review, Fall 2011

The art of ‘Budbill’s poems is created by the absence of any artistic
pretense. . . . HAPPY LIFE is a simple pleasure, offered by a master
Christina Cook
Northern Woodlands, Winter 2011

Budbill’s hermit writes in straightforward but poetic language about
the paradoxes of being alive. . . . As always, he is funny, pointed
even, in a sardonic way. . . . The defining terms of Budbill’s vision
[is] the tension between worldly desire and quiet wisdom, the intent
to be here now. It requires both self-awareness and a touch of self-
deprecation … or, at least, the ability to see yourself plain.

David Ulin
Los Angeles Times, 1 August 2011

The poems are as clear, as crisp and direct as ever . . . Often they are
laced with a sharp, self-deprecating wit.

Tom Slayton
Vermont Public Radio, 6 October 2011

In impeccably clear and accessible language: [Budbill] ruminates on
the satisfaction he gets from flowing with life’s natural rhythms and
living within his means—not only economically, but also artistically
and spiritually . . . his poems . . . frequently call into question the
demands of contemporary life. Nothing in them seems extraneous . . .
—there aren’t any metaphors—and you get the sense that he knows
what really matters . . .

Shannon Wagner,

Ploughshares Literary Magazine, 24 January 2012

Wiseass, grumpy and soul-nourishing poems.

Shelf Awareness, the top of the top ten, 7 December 2011

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