Broken Wing


It is with both deep joy and deep sadness that I announce to you the publication of my father’s newest book, a novel titled BROKEN WING. This book is truly beautiful, and I only wish my father was here to hold it in his hands.


Set in the remote mountains to the north, BROKEN WING is an allegorical tale about a rusty blackbird with a broken wing who can’t fly and therefore is trapped in the inhospitable north country for the winter, and a man, known only as The Man Who Lives Alone in the Mountains, who lives a solitary life of nurturing attentiveness, simple kindness, and passionate emotional intensity. BROKEN WING is the story of how these two different lives come together.


A story of loneliness, survival, tenacity, and will, BROKEN WING is also about music and race and what it is like to be a minority in a strange place. A story of the natural world and the wonder of birds’ lives, and of one man’s deep connection to them, BROKEN WING becomes a song of praise for the cycle of the seasons and a meditation on the reality of dreams and the dreamlike quality of reality. Told with simple, dignified prose BROKEN WING takes on the timeless, mythic aura of a folktale.


The best way to get a copy of BROKEN WING is through your local bookseller (who can order it if they do not have it in stock). If that is not possible, below are links for purchasing it online.


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