JUDEVINE: A Play in Three Acts

David Budbill


Synopsis of the Play

A richer, fuller, more complete telling of the Judevine story in three acts with two intermissions, in which we follow Raymond after Ann’s death into his complex and frustrating relationship with a younger woman, Sarah, and what happens to Sarah after Raymond’s death. We find out also much more about the ill-fated Tommy and Grace and what tragedy awaits Grace after Tommy’s death. And we learn more about Sam and Beatrice Hines, The Buddhas of Judevine. We meet Albert Putvain, welfare cheat and down-home landscape architect and we get to know The Two Old Retarded Guys at Albert’s. Act III opens with an raucous and joyful ensemble piece about summer softball in Judevine replete with a blues for the whole ensemble.

JUDEVINE: IN THREE ACTS spans two decades, from 1970 to 1990, and is structured so as to provide more of a consistent and traditional through-line, thus it is a bit less experimental in its form than JUDEVINE: IN TWO ACTS which has now been produced in 23 states.

Technical requirements are the same as JUDEVINE: IN TWO ACTS. Ensemble cast should be slightly larger than minimum number for two act version since the three act version has an additional major role for a woman. Contact the author at the address and phone above or his agent:

Contact the author for reviews and production history: david at davidbudbill.com